Organize and simplify your service work for your water treatment business.

Water Treatment Tracker is dedicated to offering simple, user-friendly software that puts you in command of your business. Due to time-consuming, manual processes, each employee loses over 300 hours each year. Workflow automation frees up time for innovation, strategy, and reassigning workers to more productive, revenue-producing jobs by eliminating repetitive processes and reducing human mistakes. With Online Water Treatment Tracker services, in no time flat, you can reinforce your best work practices, track your most important business activities, plus the water treatment programs put in place for your customers and exceed your customers’ satisfaction.

Oversee your business activities and measure the metrics that matter.

Water Treatment Tracker delivers a comprehensive solution that offers water treatment service providers the tools they need to grow their businesses at market-competitive rates.  Being a SAAS solution there is no software to upgrade, now hardware to maintain leaving you to focus on your business operations.

One of our product specialists will take you through the Water Treatment Tracker software and demonstrate the features that will enable you to:

  • Know what needs to be done and by whom.
  • Measure how effective your work processes are.
  • Reduce using multiple tools that don’t fulfill the requirements.
  • Ensure that staff is not letting things fall through the cracks.
  • Improve your sales success

Premium CRM without the learning curve

Water Treatment Tracker offers premium CRM software for water treatment professionals, connecting all aspects of your business on a single, easy-to-use platform. The software is accessible from anywhere and your data is updated in real-time, offering service providers service delivery advantage.

The customer’s water system management software keeps client information structured and available whenever and wherever you need it, from managing customer records to updating service history in real-time from any smart device. It assists you in the following ways:

  • Track significant sales & market opportunities
  • Track qualified leads to close.
  • Manage Customer’s Water Treatment Systems
  • Track historical service records.
  • Simplify and track your quoting process.
  • ü Email reports to customers the moment they are done.
  • ü Track what’s in the pipeline from sales to services.

Daily Business Function Management

Track and Control expenses, record purchase requests, and sales opportunities.

Water Treatment Tracker assists you in saving time for your staff by having all of their daily functions in one place. Reduce and remove the where’s this, when is that back and forth. The business management software removes inefficiencies in the process, promotes tracking and conversely reducing omissions, boosts productivity.

High Level of Reliability, Scalability, and Security

Water quality management software is hosted in cloud data centers that provide a level of redundancy that cannot be matched on a smaller scale, while delivering it from a highly secure platform. Control which member’s of your team can access what by role, team, and access privileges.  Data is locally redundant in the data center and geo-redundant from one region to another and automatically backed up, and data is transmitted over SSL. The platform infrastructure is delivered from the most secure and redundant data centers in the world.

SaaS For Water Treatment Companies

Often, water treatment professionals experience growth-limiting difficulties such as insufficient IT infrastructure, time-consuming manual procedures, cost overruns, increased overhead cost, and the inability to identify important aspects that align with the organizations’ success.

Water Treatment Tracker offers streamlined operations and data sharing across locations with consolidated data gathering, reporting, and documentation in a single system, ensuring seamless operations.

Water Treatment Provider Solution

The cutting-edge software for water management enables water treatment service contractors to manage their complete water treatment service programs for their customers whether the customer has one service address or multiple. Water Treatment Tracker Software facilitates tracking and managing your daily work loads from work assignment to dispatching, customer quoting, pricing, expense tracking and increasing operational efficiency.

Purchase Request Management

Manage requisitions, automate PO approval procedures, track spending, approve bills, and eliminate paperwork at every step of the way.

Purchase requisition automation is essential whether you’re establishing your own small company or working as the buying department head for a large corporation.

Our purchase request management software is simple to use and deploy.

Water Treatment Tracker offers the ability to generate a purchase request and transmit it to the supplier in record time and then track it from request to delivery.  Your assigned team members can easily track the progression as well without bombarding one member with status questions concerning is progress.

Quote Request Management

The quote request management software allows you to design and automate customers’ quotations.

Affordable Water Treatment Tracker software allows you to send a personalized quote and track follow-up to customers depending on their requirements, ensuring that you are never leaving work on the table. Easily track who sends the most quotes out, who closes the most quotes, and who closes the highest dollars in quotes, and what are the conversion ratios.