Established in 2022, Water Treatment Tracker is a product offering from DocuLedger which provides a full Accounting/ERP solution. Water Treatment Tracker is dedicated to offering services to the water treatment professionals industry through innovative SAAS software solutions that don’t rely on software installations or server infrastructure support.

Water Treatment Tracker helps water treatment professionals simplify the complexities of running a water treatment business by offering tools that are powerful, and scale to meet their demands today and tomorrow.  The software significantly improves their operations, helping them to manage and accelerate their water treatment business.

Efficiently manage quote requests, purchase requests, and other business functions without requiring IT support or accounting constraints.

Water Treatment Tracker software incorporates innovative strategies to accelerate your water treatment business growth, allowing you to track, organize, schedule, and standardize water treatment services while carrying out your daily operations efficiently and effectively.

Water Treatment Tracker

Water Treatment Tracker uses the best of cloud infrastructure to deliver a dependable and secure software solution that is designed to scale according to the customer’s needs to enhance water treatment service providers sales and streamline their day-to-day operations while reducing the number of software tools needed.

Water Treatment Tracker takes responsibility for doing the right thing. Our customers, workers, partners, and suppliers are treated with the utmost care and respect. We collaborate with our clients and partners to implement solutions that deliver outstanding value.

  • Effective
  • Solution-driven
  • Relevant
  • Flexible


Water Treatment Tracker makes it easy to deliver and promote your best-operating practices by reinforcing what needs to be tracked, focused on, and measured and help the water treatment service provider improve the service they deliver to their customers.

The software solution gives them peace of mind knowing that all the essential aspects of their daily water treatment service operations are tracked and managed with their best operational workflows in service.